High Cotton Country Review

High Cotton Country - Leta McCurry

Not what I was expecting


To be honest with you, I'm not sure what I was expecting from Women's Fiction. I guess it's an undefined genre like Young Adult. Let me just start by saying that the book was good after I finally got around to reading it. I found it absorbing witnessing the struggles that the main character, Cazzie Randle, went through in her life and accomplished. If you're looking for a book with a strong, balanced woman, this is it.

Note: This is the first review using my new format. Please see my blog for why I switched.


The Good


I enjoyed the struggles Cazzie went through as a single mother raising children. I thought it was well thought out and paced. I also like that some of the time she wasn't perfect because no one is. For example, a lot of the story is (spoiler ahead) based on the fact that she has a hard time letting people in. What happens in childhood can have quite ever-lasting effects on you.


The Bad


Sometimes I felt like the cut scenes were too harsh, and I had trouble getting into the story. (Spoiler ahead) For example, at the very start, we learn about Cazzie as a professional and wealthy individual, and then we cut to her mother from the point of view of some random guy. I mean - that ripped me from the story. But - once I got past it, I started to get a feel of how the story was forming. I also felt that the ending was rushed (compared to the rest of the story). That's why I'm taking a point off the rating.




As I said in the first paragraph, I really enjoyed reading this book. I will definitely check out her second book and tell the world about it here. Cazzie Randle is a great example of someone who lives with trauma and overcomes it in the end. So, if you're into women's fiction, please do get yourself a copy.


Note about this review


I received a copy of the book from the author for an honest review. I always try my best to balance the reviews and not favour any one person (though I may be a bit subjective when it comes to the genre).

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