The Latina President Review

The Latina President: ...And The Conspiracy to Destroy Her - Joe Rothstein



I thought it was quite fitting that I happened to be reading this book while the US Elections were taking place. I learnt a lot about what is needed to get into presidential candidacy in the first place. I found the book a pace and an excellent read. Obviously, I’m not well versed into how the elections work, so I have no idea if the book is accurate or not, but it was thrilling.




The main character, Isabel, is created thoroughly throughout the story by bit and pieces of her life starting with her family business. We learn that Isabel comes from a wealthy family, but falls into hard times and works her way out of her rut. From there, she’s successful and turns to politics, and, as throughout the book, she’s successful. Now, I’m not saying she’s one dimensional because she’s far from it. We learn about the sex scandals, the divorce, the way of life she lived. She’s quite the protagonist, and we grow as she grows.


The “evil” character in this book is Javier. Now, I say evil, but he’s just running his business. Javier will have conspiracy theorists everywhere saying “I told you so” as we learn that he has the power to control and influence United States politics. I guess he’s sort of like what maybe the people think of the oil companies etc.




The big theme in this book (which is entirely relevant), is the Election. I say theme, but I mean the idea or topic. Because the election (and the president) of the United States is a huge issue around the world. With Trump v Clinton, we could have a whole other story. I guess a lot of conspiracy theorists (and fake news) believe that the big guys backed Clinton and Trump is the Isabel of the real world story (although he’s not a Latin…in fact the opposite).


Another theme in the book is revenge. We see this from Javier, the bad “evil” guy, doing everything in his power and beyond to influence the election because he fears the revenge from Isabel. So he should. As we learn that Isabel is not above revenge and will do everything in her power to stop Javier and Groupo Aragon.




I found the book really cool to read. It was tense and I learnt quite a bit about the election. Rothstein did an impressive job squeezing his knowledge about the United States government into this one book. If he does another book like it, I’d be happy to read it.


Note about this review


I received a copy of the book from the author for an honest review. I always try my best to balance the reviews and not favour any one person (though I may be a bit subjective when it comes to the genre).