The Power of Six Review

The Power of Six - Pittacus Lore

Alien world


To be honest, I was almost tempted to give this story a five-star review. Yes, I like Young Adult books the best. I like the freshness that this brings. Sci-fi and Young Adult mixed seems like a great combination. This continues from the first in the series, I Am Number Four. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy the characters in this series and the things they learn and struggle against. I did rate this higher than the first as I’m getting into the story now.




We follow the same main character, John Smith, as the last book. He’s now partnered with Sam Goode and Six and is on the run from the evil Mogadorians. I’m growing into John Smith and his struggle as a teenager. I also like how Six, Sam, and John all mix as a team. They feel at ease and natural to me (as natural as teenage aliens could be). Sarah, John’s “girlfriend”, is not as featured in this book as in I Am Number Four.


We’re introduced to a new character in this book, Marina, who is a younger girl and the seventh alien. I didn’t find her parts in the story as interesting as John’s, but that’s probably because the action was missing from her story. She has her Cêpan Adelina with her (like John in the last book). It’s interesting to see the contrast of life between her and John.


The Mogadorians are ever-present in this book as the last book. They’re described more and we learn more about their life on Planet Earth. As bad guys go, they seem pretty useless against the Loric Garde. I’m excited to see what’s in store for the next in the series.




There are quite a few themes going on here as two stories are being told. The first theme I’d like to discuss is the theme of love. This appears in nearly every book you’ll ever read, but here we see it from a teenage viewpoint. Firstly, John loves Sarah. We know that from the first book. In The Power of Six, we see John, and Sarah making choices and questioning their love (John especially). Love is not fixed; it’s fluid and ever changing. I mean, do you still love the foods you loved as a kid? I can tell you now that I don’t love McDonald’s anymore.


A second theme is beliefs. We see this in the story with Marina and Adelina. Spoiler ahead. Marina believes in her Legacy and Adelina has lost her belief in the alien race and has turned to God on Earth. Beliefs can change over time with enough influence or if nothing happens as you expect. It can, however, be very hard to change someone’s belief as Marina finds out.




I enjoyed this book and loved every minute of reading it. Hopefully, the next book is as good, and I may continue my high praise. I like that there are so many threads to this story and that we only discover them as Pittacus Lore allows us to. I’m sure if you enjoyed I Am Number Four, you’ll enjoy this. I recommend you give this book a try if you find a copy.