The Fault in Our Stars Review

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

Apparently I read this in a day. I’m not so sure if I did, probably a couple of days and I just didn’t record exactly when  I started. I don’t remember when I read it, but I’ll have you know that I was glued to this book. I thought it wouldn’t be amazing (I’ve already seen the movie) and I thought it’d be sappy.

This is a love story, but also a heartbreaking story. We live in the world of young Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. They meet at a cancer survival club and get to know each other almost immediately. Obviously, in some way it isn’t real what they would do and how fast they fell, but I felt it was true enough.

While no reasonable person would perform the actions of Hazel Grace, she is not reasonable. Throughout the story, we learn she is impulsive, despite everything and is still filled with life. She has trouble breathing and has to lug this small oxygen tank around with her.

Hazel Grace and Gus click. They fall in love. Kind of a spoiler, but not really. I feel as though people could relate to Hazel Grace’s situation, even though not many of us would’ve been through something like that.

Hazel is a strong character in the book. We fall into her mind and see the world through her own eyes. I think John Green did a great job with the writing. It’s snappy and very much how I’d imagine a teenage girl write.

I guess through this we see how different people react to pain and suffering. How people handle death and the loss of those they love. There are just so many contrasts in the book.

What I’m trying to say, is that I liked the book and would recommend it to most people. It’s soppy. It’s sad. But at least the character Hazel Grace is likeable.