We’re All Damaged Review

We're All Damaged - Matthew Norman

First ebook

I caved in and bought an Amazon Kindle. My book library is growing, and we’ll be moving one day soon back to my homeland, and I don’t know what I’m going to do with all my physical books. I’ll probably try to ship them, but I’ll have to see how that works. I don’t want to pay a bunch of tax on books I’ve already paid tax on. So, as I said, this is my first Kindle read (I got it free with Amazon Prime). My second Kindle read will come next week (I bought it on special).


Was it long enough?

If I didn’t get this book for free, I would question whether it was long enough to be a novel. It seemed short to be, but maybe that’s because I breezed through the book. I only read this during my commute to and from work and one lazy Saturday where my Fiancée and I went to the Isar and lay in the sun and read. The book was fun, cheeky, and almost energetic. However, there is quite a bit of predictability as it does read like a romcom.


That ending

It’s the thing that lets this book down. I liked the book a lot and would’ve given it four stars for being so fun. But (there’s always a but) the ending made me cringe. I feel like the author didn’t think it through. As a reader, I expected something more from the ending and felt really really let down. I’d be curious to read if his other books are also like this. I would recommend you get this from your library or find some special for it as an ebook.

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